Registration and basics

If you don't have a Webareal account yet, register here.

Change the name of the plugin author

If you wish to change the displayed author name of your plugins from email to something else (e.g. company name), you can do so in the profile section.

Developer key

In the profile section you can generate a key, which you can then insert into the Webareal administration in the plugin settings section. This key will give you free access to all your plugins (including non-public ones) in the Webareal system.

Creating a plugin

When creating a plugin, you need to enter a few details into the form:

  • Mutation (linguistic) of the Webareal service on which the plugin should be available. If you want to offer the plugin also on other mutations, you have to create it separately for each language mutation in the administration.
  • Plugin name
  • Installation URI, which will be called during adding the plugin to the store.
  • Required right to access eshop resources on API.
  • Optionally, you can also specify a URI for uninstalling and user settings of the plugin.